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NBCI Sponsors Webinar on Understory Herbicide Use For Bobwhites, Other Wildlife on May 31

The National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) will sponsor a webinar on the appropriate use of understory herbicides as a component in the management for woodlands, especially southern pines, for bobwhite quail and other grassland wildlife species May 31 at 2 p.m. (Eastern).

“Promoting active forest management on public and private lands is a fundamental NBCI strategy in the landscape scale restoration of wild bobwhites,” said NBCI Forestry Coordinator Steve Chapman. “Herbicides are important in both forest and wildlife management in the South, and particularly when it comes to southern pines,” Chapman said. “But the heavy doses of herbicides typically used in commercial forestry operations aren’t needed when savanna restoration and wildlife habitat are the key objectives. This webinar will focus on minimizing herbicide use while maximizing the diverse native groundcover that bobwhites, songbirds, whitetails and turkeys require.”

Joining Chapman will be primary webinar presenter Ryan Mitchell of The Longleaf Alliance. Mitchell has a B.S. in Wildlife Science from Auburn University and worked with the Alabama Wildlife Federation to execute their longleaf restoration project through technical assistance to landowners. He is a past-president of the Alabama Prescribed Fire Council, a certified prescribed burn boss and a member of The Wildlife Society.

The webinar, which will be recorded for later viewing, can be accessed through the Webinar Portal for Forestry and Natural Resources,

About NBCI
Headquartered at the University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture/Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, NBCI is a science and habitat-based initiative of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee (NBTC) to elevate bobwhite quail recovery from an individual state-by-state proposition to a coordinated, range-wide leadership endeavor to restore wild bobwhites on a landscape scale. The committee is comprised of representatives of 25 state wildlife agencies, various academic research institutions and private conservation organizations. Support for NBCI is provided by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program, state wildlife agencies, the Joe Crafton Family Endowment for Quail Initiatives, the University of Tennessee, Quail & Upland Game Alliance, Park Cities Quail and Roundstone Native Seed.