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Landowner Outreach Marketing Plan

NBCI has developed a marketing plan and materials for use by state agencies to attract landowners seeking advice and assistance in creating Early Successional Habitat (ESH) on their land. These products are the result of a long-term project funded by NBCI with input and assistance from every NBCI-member state and several other stakeholders. They were developed after a series of workshops, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups. The objectives of the marketing plan are: 1) to increase the number of “first meetings” private lands biologists have with landowners who would like to create ESH on their land, 2) to increase the percentage of “first meetings” with landowners that ultimately result in additional ESH on the ground, and 3) to increase the number of acres dedicated to ESH in the bobwhite range.

The plan itself covers the entire process of planning your state’s landowner outreach program using ready-made ads in a variety of mediums.  These materials are free, and we encourage all NBCI-member states to use them. Please fill out the form below to access the marketing plan and ads.


Marketing Campaign