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Texas drought may still take toll on habitat, wildlife

From Shannon Tompkins of the Houston Chronicle:

This past summer, as Texas withered several months into what would become the state’s most severe and wide-spread one-year drought in at least a century, Macy Ledbetter visited a prospective client’s ranch near Breckenridge in north-central Texas.

“It was blistered – cooked just like everything else. No grass. No water. Nothing green. Everything was taking a beating,” said Ledbetter, a wildlife biologist whose Spring Creek Outdoors wildlife and habitat management consulting business works with dozens of ranchers and landowners across the western and southern two-thirds of the state.

He revisited the ranch earlier this week.

“I couldn’t believe it was the same ranch. Everything was green. Grass was boot-high. Bluebonnets were everywhere,” he said. “It’s amazing what rain will do.” Read more HERE.