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PA Posts Final Bobwhite Mgt. Plan

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has posted its management plan for bobwhite management through 2020. The mission of the Northern Bobwhite Quail Management Plan for Pennsylvania is “to maintain and restore wild breeding populations of Northern Bobwhite Quail in suitable habitats.” To support this mission statement, the plan identifies supporting goals, objectives and strategies for guiding restoration and management decisions over a 10-year horizon, 2011-2020. This plan provides a comprehensive look at the northern bobwhite in PA. Information on taxonomy, biology, habitat relationships, population and habitat trends, propagation, hunting, restoration and partnerships are discussed in detail. The most important part of this Plan is Section I, which outlines the management goals, objectives and strategies. In addition, Appendix I contains an implementation schedule, and Appendix II includes public comments on the plan. To read the plan, go HERE in the Reference Room of NBCI’s The Bobwhite Library.