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NBCI Launches New Bobwhite Website

NBCI Unveils New Bobwhite Website to Public

Bobwhite quail, and the many other species in decline that share the same space, have a new ally on the web with the launch of by the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI).

A coalition of 25 state fish and wildlife agencies and other public and private organizations, NBCI adds a range-wide, policy level approach to the traditional project level work by the individual states.  The website’s launch comes a month before NBCI unveils a massive revision of the original 2002 initiative at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The revision includes a new digital “Conservation Planning Tool” for use by quail biologists. Over 600 biologists cooperated to build the new tool.

“NBCI is a strategy by the states, for the states to assist their efforts to restore populations of wild bobwhites across their range,” said Don McKenzie, NBCI director. “The new website is one step in bringing these efforts into focus, building a wider community that’s supportive of saving bobwhites and the many other imperiled species, and giving them avenues to act on that support. Our goal is for the site to become “bobwhite central,” a go-to location for anyone wanting to know more about the bobwhite’s situation and what’s happening to America’s landscape that’s causing it.


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Headquartered at the University of Tennessee, NBCI is a project of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee (NBTC) to elevate bobwhite quail recovery from an individual state-by-state proposition to a range-wide, policy level leadership endeavor. The committee is comprised of representatives of state fish and wildlife agencies, academic research institutions and non-governmental conservation organizations. NBCI is funded by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, two dozen state wildlife management agencies, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and Southern Company. For more information, please visit