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NRCS giving (AR) $600,000 to create bobwhite habitat

A story by Bryan Hendricks on New Years Day in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette highlighted the recent approval of a multi-state “grasslands/bobwhite” proposal to NRCS and the potential impact of Arkansas’ $600,000 share.

NBCI led and coordinated the national effort to pull together the 9-state Working Lands For Wildlife grassland proposal to NRCS last summer, with Arkansas G&F being one of the most engaged state agencies in developing the national proposal. (NBCI also played a central coordination and support role for the multi-state pine savanna proposal submitted to NRCS at the same time. Both proposals were accepted by NRCS.)

These developments illuminate the value of all the state wildlife agencies and many other active supporters coming together and organizing under the auspices of the NBCI so that we can tackle opportunities and obstacles at regional and national scales.