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Texas to Implement NBCI Strategy, Reports “Texas Hunting”

“TPWD is taking a “boots on the ground” approach to bobwhite quail management in Texas as part of a strategic action plan that involves hunters, landowners and science,” according to Texas Hunting. “The plan focuses on habitat management and does not include changes in harvest regulations. Because regulations will not compensate for losses in quail habitat, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is making no changes to the quail hunting season for 2012-13. The season will open Oct. 27 and close Feb. 24, 2013 with a daily bag limit of 15, possession limit of 45.”

More from “Texas Hunting”:

“Hunting is a tool to regulate harvest of quail, but not a tool that could impact quail recovery at a landscape level,” said Robert Perez, TPWD Upland Game Bird Program Leader. “Hunting didn’t create this problem.” The long term trend in declining bobwhite populations have also impacted more than two dozen other grassland bird species that are not hunted. Biologists recognize the primary cause for these declines is loss of usable habitat. Habitat management focused on restoration will be the prescribed cure for Texas’ quail population.”

Read more about Texas Hunting’s report on the Texas bobwhite habitat initiative, including adoption of the NBCI strategy of focal areas.