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Longleaf pine has much to offer landowner

“Any Southerner worth their weight in the woods will tell you there are few sights more beautiful to behold than a well-managed longleaf pine forest.

“Whether you choose to “saunter in delightful freedom” as John Muir did when he encountered this precious Southern ecosystem, marvel at its ability to support a high quality habitat for a plethora of plant and animal species, or reap the economic rewards of harvesting longleaf pines, the privilege of having longleaf pines prosper on your property is priceless…

“In addition to being home to several threatened and endangered species such as the red cockaded woodpecker, the eastern indigo snake, the flatwoods salamander and the gopher tortoise, a well-managed longleaf ecosystem is ideal for bobwhite quail, fox squirrels, wild turkeys, whitetail deer and songbirds.”

Read more of Rebecca Bearden’s excellent story from the Farm Press Blog HERE.