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Drought Hits Texas Quail Hard – “Standard-Times”

In the San Angelo Standard-Times, John Gill writes that “Biologists and hunters have known for decades that Texas bobwhite quail populations were on a slippery slope, but now after a blistering, yearlong drought on top of past hard years, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is running up the red flag…

“Carter Smith, chief executive director for the TPWD, is behind the effort to bring quail counts back to a suitable level. ‘For all of us who care about the future of this prized game bird and the habitats it occupies around the state, complacency is not an option,’ he said.

” ‘We need hunters, landowners, government agencies and nonprofit groups all making this a priority in order to advance the recovery of the species. Rest assured, the department will do its part.’ ”

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