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Shaker Village (KY) Improving Habitat for Birds (Especially Quail)

“In the meadows surrounding the stately, historic buildings at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (, there is change in the air.

Property manager Don Pelly says stewardship of the land is a Shaker tradition. Honoring that ideal, and looking toward the future, Pelly is working with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife staffers and University of Kentucky researchers to develop and improve wildlife habitat in pastures at Pleasant Hill, which lies just north of Harrodsburg in Mercer County, atop the Kentucky River Palisades.”

Habitat work at the village has resulted in skyrocketing quail populations (from 4-6 coveys to 40 coveys in two years), but is also having positive effects other other grasslands species.


Read Susan Smith-Durisek’s full report in HERE.