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Those ‘damn biologists’!!!

By John Morgan

Quail Plan CoverWelcome to the inaugural post from your friends at Kentucky Fish and Wildlife!  Yep, we are those ‘damn biologists,” but we have far more in common than Sonny and Cher ever did – maybe that’s a bad example?

Anyways, we hope to share ideas and thoughts with you in hopes of building a community of bobwhite supporters in the Commonwealth and beyond.  In the months and years ahead, we’ll talk about progress, challenges, perceptions, misconceptions, and whatever else pops into our minds with respect to restoring the northern bobwhite. 

So, who are “we?”  Well, we are couple of young whippersnappers that are college edumacated in field of wildlife management (check out our bios for more specifics).  So, that means we are under 40 and never had the good fortune of experiencing the glory days of bobwhite hunting.  I know, I know, we couldn’t be more disconnected.

But not so fast!  Believe it or not, we do enjoy chasing around what’s left of the ever dwindling bobwhite population.  We are hunters like most, if not all, of you.  If you’re reading this, then I’d also gather that we share a passion for bringing back the Prince of Gamebirds.  I think it’s fair to say we share a lot more common ground than our elected officials in Washington. Geesh, two bad examples in a single blog!

Over time, we hope to dispel the “damn biologist” label.  We need each other to pull off what many deem impossible – restoring the northern bobwhite.  It’s funny; we’ve had many peers in the Department that say, “I’d hate to have your job!”  They think the world is against us. Sometimes it feels like they’re right.  But ya know, for some silly reason, we think the world can be changed!

So now we’re young AND conceited!! What a combination! But that’s not how we look at it.  We’ve had the good fortune of speaking to countless hunters and landowners whot have an incredible passion for bobwhite and the heritage of upland bird hunting.  We believe the general public is gaining a renewed appreciation for the environment.  By marrying the passion of bobwhite enthusiasts with the public concern for the planet’s health, the world can be changed.  When it comes right down to it, who doesn’t love a bobwhite?

I hope we can count on you to join us in doing the impossible!  Check out our restoration plan at  Hope you’ll be here with us next time on Bluegrass “Bob-Whites”!