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What in the Heck is Early Successional Habitat? Read All About It Here!

OK, this In the News item is a little different because we actually feature a link to Missouri’s quail blog, MOre Quail, on the NBCI blog page … so it’s easily available to visitors to our site. We do that because we think it has some of the best information about bobwhite quail to be had anywhere.

But we thought the most recent posting, What the Heck is “Early Successional Habitat”? was particularly outstanding, and we wanted to draw attention to it. Biologists sometimes throw the phrase early successional habitat around in their sleep and assume lay persons understand.

It was written by Scott Sudkamp, who is a Private Land Conservationist serving Bates and Vernon Counties in west-central Scott SudkampMissouri. He is an avid bird hunter, having hunted 11 species of upland gamebirds in 9 different states. Besides quail management, Scott’s professional interests include quality deer management, savanna/woodland management, wetland development and management, and utilizing fire and grazing effects to manage and manipulate wildlife habitat.

We now hereby annoint and bestow upon Scott the “Order of the Silver Quail.” (For those not “in the know,” the Order of the Silver Quail is the little silver-colored “singing quail” lapel pin that became an overnight sensation at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Kansas City last month.)

Now, if Scott contacts us with his address, we’ll put one in the mail to him.